Improvised Rescue Skills Courses

Lakes Outdoor Experience provides improvised rescue courses for rock climbers in The Lake District, North Wales (Snowdonia National Park) and Scotland.

  • learn essential rock climbing skills
  • improve your ropework knowledge
  • take your rock climbing skills to the next level

Improvised rescue skills

 If you are an experienced rock climber with experience of lead climbing outdoors, you should have the knowledge of how to rescue yourself and your climbing partner from various situations. The LOE rescue skills course is designed to provide you with those skills. 

Rescue Skills

Rescue Skills

A LOE improvised rescue skills course will teach you how to deal with any incident. We'll start at the basics; looking at building anchors and belaying techniques.

Skills taught will include;

  • how to escape the system so that you can rescue your partner and yourself
  • learn the techniques of how to ascend and descend ropes with only basic equipment
  • lower and hoist casualties and descend a multi-pitch crag safely
  • counterbalanced abseils
  • set up a mechanical advantage hoist with a minimum of kit 
  • organising re-belays 
  • physically transporting an injured or incapacitated person

Our instructors will teach you how to adapt to your situation quickly, allow you to focus on the problem, remain calm and give you the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions to save you and your partner.

This course could well be the most important thing you've ever learnt!

We run our improvised rescue courses by the day. Most climbers cover all the aspects required in 2 days. We begin by assessing your current ability and will then tailor the rest of the course accordingly.

Pricing is based on a minimum and maximum of two clients per instructor.

Lake District: £160/per instructor per day
North Wales or Scotland: (minimum 2 consecutive days) £180/per instructor per day

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Improvised Rescue Skills Courses Courses and Activities are held in:
Scout Crags Tryfan Helvellyn, The Lake District Ben Nevis & Aonach Mor Creag Meagaidh

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