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Attended a ghyll scrambling session in Glenridding Beck, Lake district today with Iain. Myself, mother, father and my daughter aged 7 so varied ages and abilities. Iain was very welcoming and friendly, provided all the nessecary equipment and made sure everyone was safe and aware of the requirements before entering the ghyll. He made sure we were all safe during the session taking extra special care of my daughter throughout making sure she was safe at all times while she was in the water and climbing the rocks. Iain is clearly very knowledgeable of the area and all the activities and it was good to talk with him both during and after the session about his past experiences. I would definately recommend booking with him, we all really enjoyed our session, especially my 7 year old who didn’t want to get out when we had finished, and this will be the first of many that we book with Iain on our annual visits to the Lakes!

natasha moss

Easily the best gorge walking instructor in the Lake District

Iain is a fantastic instructor who offers a more personal service. By catering to much smaller groups, you get to spend less time queuing and more time doing all the fun things available.

We met Iain a short walk from Church Beck near Coniston, all the gear we needed was provided free of charge and within a few minutes we were scaling waterfalls and jumping off rocks.

The first thing to note is that if you're in the Lake District, you must try this activity! For the price and the number of hours of entertainment it's the best thing to do in the lakes.

If you're considering a range of different companies for this activity, then Iain has the best price and the best service. We spent some time comparing prices and found Iain's to be the best value, and he was the only one who promised we wouldn't be with a large group. Having passed several other groups waiting their turn in lines we definitely appreciated being just the two of us.

Aside from this, we found Iain to be charming, safe and knowledgeable.

Thanks for a brilliant afternoon - hope we can come back and do it again soon!


What a brilliant afternoon. Rainy, windswept, misty at the head of the Longsleddale Valley on Wren Gill. If you're going to be wet, as our boys kept saying, might as well get in fully. In for a penny, in for a pound etc! So in we plunged with Iain - immediately one of our boys got very nervous and nearly pulled out. But Iain then managed the brilliant task of making sure he had a slightly easier route up the ghyll, whilst at the same time allowing and encouraging our elder son to take a more challenging route up almost every rapid and small waterfall. It was done with real care and kindness in quite challenging circumstances. The water was rising - but Iain got the perfect balance of care for safety whilst also allowing a good degree of adventure. Dad got to end up floating in a pool, and we all had a perfect hot chocolate from Iain at the end of the session. Its an afternoon we'll remember for months to come. Thank you Iain so much

James Whiting

On Wednesday 17th April my family enjoyed a well organised 'Canadian Canoeing' experience on Ullswater Lake. I booked the experience for my Dad's 70th birthday as he had always discussed how he wanted to try Canadian Canoeing.
After searching online and reading many reviews from different websites, I can wholeheartedly say that I am so pleased to have booked the experience with Iain through Lakes Outdoor Experience. Every part of the trip was well managed, well organised and well led. Iain showed a wealth of experience and a real passion for his job.
My family were lucky and had beautiful weather on Ullswater Lake. The photographs from the day are breathtaking and show the stunning scenery my family witnessed as they made their way up the Lake and took in the beauty and tranquilness of the area.
Iain was very professional and covered the safety aspects of canoeing, ensuring my family felt confident and secure at every point of their experience. Iain was also very friendly and approachable and made every attempt to 'get to know' my family and showed a genuine interest in their likes on the day.
Ian took many fantastic pictures throughout the day which will be a permanent reminder of how much my family enjoyed the Canadian Canoeing experience.

Thank you on behalf of my family!

Marie Owen

Me and my wife went and climbed Scafell Pike on the 12 January my wife (Hayley) booked it for my birthday as she knows I have always wanted to climb Scafell, she booked the Scafell Hotel in Borrowdale for the weekend which I would give 5 stars ! The food was to die for and a lovely log fire.
Now on the climbing,, Iain met us dead on time at our hotel and we went in his car and parked closer to the route, well ,, what can I say about the weather, it rained non stop all day and they said on the weather report to expect 50-70mph winds, well it didn’t disappoint!! The picture of me (Sean) and my wife at the top of Scarfell Pike doesn’t do I it justice, we had trouble to stand up at the top of Scafell Pike, it was that windy and cold !!
On a very serious note the Lake District can be a very dangerous place if the weather turns nasty and you don’t no where you are going and not got the right clothes on , as Iain said in his post we met people still going up that didn’t have the right clothes on and with the light fading as it was past 3pm I worried if they were ok,( it was at least -8 to -10 at the top and the wind chill at the top just froze you ) we stopped for only 5 mins for a quick cuppa then got moving, many,many thanks to Iain !!
He showed us where to go and told us all the names and history of all the hills, paths ex that we went and also took pictures of us on our walk !
To get back to our hotel and get in a super hot bath and a 3 course meal next to a log fire after having such a challenging day was great and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Us humans have to challenge ourselves don’t we !! If you don’t life would be boring!!

Sean Glover

Booked a half day introductory rock-climbing session with Iain for my 12-year-old daughter. We were lucky and had beautiful weather in the Langdale valley. The crag Iain chose had an excellent mixture of routes of varying difficulty. Iain was very professional and covered the safety aspects of climbing whilst preparing for the climb. He got my daughter climbing as quickly as possible without much waiting around. Throughout the session he was very encouraging and pushed her to achieve more than she otherwise would have. We had a great day and will probably have another session in the spring

Paul Kelly

As I was preparing to walk the 3,000km Te Araroa trail down the length of New Zealand, I needed to learn how to cross rivers safely and brush up on my navigation skills and so I sought out Iain. He was knowledgeable, professional and courteous and took my outdoor fears and concerns seriously. I have come away feeling much more confident having now boosted my outdoor skills.

Katrina Megget

Thank you for a wonderful map reading experience. I have learned a great deal.


Mrs Maria Atkinson

I had a great introductory day’s caving with Iain last week, visiting Longchurns and Brow Gill caves in the North Yorkshire Dales. My first time underground and it’s like entering another world of tunnels, shafts, narrow passages, streams and waterfalls. Iain is an expert and knowledgeable guide and knows how to challenge you while offering support when necessary! I would certainly recommend this activity for groups or individuals.


We booked a one day canoeing experience with Iain and the guys at the Lakes Outdoor experience and can honestly say despite the weather not being great we had a great time.
Iain was great in letting my 9yr old have some time in a kayak too to see how he liked it and can honestly say he loved every minute.
It was a brilliant experience and like others we can't wait to do other adventures with Iain and the team and would highly recommend them to anyone as he made it a tiring but fun day and lots of local knowledge which helped thanks again Iain the Ryan family.

Richard Ryan

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