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Kendal Mountaineering Services cover locations across the UK, including North Wales, Scotland and The Lake District to mention but a few. We also offer holidays in Slovenia and on The Isle of Skye.

The Esk Gorge, Upper Eskdale

esk-gorge-01.jpgThe Esk Gorge is absolutely, The Lake District's best Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge Walking experience! It is a full day out and you'll get to spend at least half of that day in the water, swimming through pools, climbing up waterfalls or leaping into deep pools  - just like the guy in the first photo. There is three kilometres of ravine to explore, with some 12 potential jumps to be done; and if you are lucky enough to make it all the way to the top of the ravine - a great view of some of the lake District's wildest terrain and England's Highest mountain - Scafell Pike.

esk-gorge-02.jpgOur Esk Gorge Adventure Days see us meet at the foot of Hardknott Pass in Eskdale (Postcode CA19 1TH for Satnav purposes). We get our equipment packed into rucksacks and then make the 3km/1 hour walk on foot to the start of the venue where we'll have a bite of lunch and then get kitted up before making the leap into the first deep pool. We'll then continue on up the gorge for as long as you feel able but we'll generally aim to finish about 4 pm when we'll be ready to leave to walk back out to our vehicles.

You can view a video put together by one of our clients a few years ago containing clips from the Esk Gorge jumps here - it's really worth a watch!


Frequently asked questions.

  • What equipment is provided as part of an Esk Gorge Ghyll Scrambling Day? Answer - as part of your fee per person, you get a neoprene wetsuit, a pullover cagoule, a pair of walking boots, a helmet & harness and a rucksack to carry it all in. We also provide buoyancy aids for everyone attending at this venue and we "can" provide some fleece tops if you do not have your own.
  • What do I need to bring? Answer - you each need to bring swimwear, a long sleeved fleece type top if you have one, either two pairs of long shoe socks or a pair of thick walking socks to wear in the walking boots provided and a towel/change of dry clothing. You need to bring lunch that must be sealed into sandwich boxes and we strenuously advocate bringing flasks of hot drink. A waterproof & windproof jacket is also advisable for the walk in and back out.
  • How long does an Esk Gorge Day last? Answer - it's a full day out. We meet in Eskdale no later than 10am or if you are travelling over from the western or southern part of the area you can meet us in Ambleside and follow us over Wrynose & Hardknott Passes to get to the meeting point.
  • Are there any discounts on your price? Answer - yes. Our price per person (for a minimum group size of two persons) is £85.00 for an Esk Gorge Day. Bring more than six persons and the price falls to £75.00 per person, bring more than twelve persons and the price falls by a further £10 to our minimum price per person of £65.00. Children under 16 also receive a discount. Please contact us to enquire.
  • We've booked & paid, but the weather's too cold or wet for our session to run. What happens to our payment? Answer - If we are unable to run your session due to the conditions, then you can either reschedule to another time; or, receive a full refund of your payment.
  • I've never been Ghyll Scrambling before. I'm excited but scared at the same time. Will I be able to do it? Answer - don't worry, you'll be well looked after in expert hands and you don't have to do anything you don't want to!

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