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Lakes Outdoor Experience cover locations across the UK, including North Wales, Scotland and The Lake District to mention but a few. We also offer guided scrambling and traverses on The Cuillin Ridge on The Isle of Skye.

Stoneycroft Gill, Keswick, The Lake District.

location-stoneycroft-ghyll-hen-party.jpgStoneycroft Gill is a well known Canyoning venue in Northern Lakes near to Keswick. A relatively small stream. it travels downhill under Causey Pike for over 2 kilometres for the most part on bedrock where it has carved a fantastic channel along which there are numereous waterslides interspersed with deep pools and waterfalls.

The fun here is in sliding down those waterslides and jumping into the occasional deep pool. Stoneycroft Gill is famous for it's "washing machine" - a deep circular slot into which the water falls and in the bottom, largely filling the pool is a large boulder where there is a gap, for those feeling really plucky, to dive through.

location-stoneycroft-ghyll-scout-group.jpgFor your Stoneycroft Gill Canyoning Session, we meet on the side of the Newlands Valley road just south of Uzzicar Farm. The postcode for Satnav purposes is CA12 5UF. When travelling from the A66 turn left to Braithwaite and take your first left signposted Newlands Valley & Buttermere. Turn left at the bridge and stay on this road for 1.5 miles. Do not turn down the road to Swinside and do not turn down the road to Uzzicar Farm! Keep driving ahead until until you see a parking area with vans and cars parked up - that's where we'll be waiting for you!

Once you've arrived, we'll get you kitted up and then walk up the dirt track which leads into Stoneycroft Gill, the walk in, generally takes about 10 minutes; and then we are ready to have loads of great fun!

Frequently asked questions.

  • What equipment is provided as part of a ghyll scrambling session? Answer - as part of your fee per person, you get a neoprene wetsuit, a pullover cagoule, a pair of walking boots and a helmet. Basically, so that you can get kitted up like the people in these photos! We also provide buoyancy aids for small children at this venue and we "can" provide some fleece tops if you do not have your own. Please note - we are unable to provide boots larger than adult size 12.


  • What do I need to bring?  Answer - you each need to bring swimwear, a long sleeved fleece type top if you have one, either two pairs of long shoe socks or a pair of thick walking socks to wear in the walking boots provided and a towel/change of dry clothing. Also - you must bring a pair of shorts each to wear over the wetsuits we provide - thank you!
  • How long does a half day session last? Answer - up to four hours but most groups get down Stoneycroft Gill in much less time.
  • Are there any discounts on your price? Answer - yes. Our price per person for a minimum group size of two is £70.00 each, for three or more persons the price falls to £55.00 each. For six or more persons the price drops to £40.00 each. Bring thirteen or more persons and the price falls to our minimum price of £35.00 each. Children under 16 also receive a discount. Please contact us to enquire.
  • We've booked & paid, but the weather's too cold or wet for our session to run. What happens to our payment? Answer - If we are unable to run your session due to the conditions, then you can either reschedule to another time; or, receive a full refund of your payment.
  • I've never been Ghyll Scrambling before. I'm excited but scared at the same time. Will I be able to do it? Answer - don't worry, you'll be well looked after in expert hands and you don't have to do anything you don't want to!

To book your Stoneycroft Gill Canyoning Session, contact us here, now!




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Iain GallagherLakes Outdoor Experience is run by Iain Gallagher. Iain was born and brought up in The Lake District by parents who were very keen on the outdoors.

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