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Kendal Mountaineering Services cover locations across the UK, including North Wales, Scotland and The Lake District to mention but a few. We also offer holidays in Slovenia and on The Isle of Skye.

Cathedral Cavern, Little Langdale, The Lake District

location-abseiling-cathedral-quarry-short-abseil.jpgCatherdral Caven in Little Langdale is a popular Abseiling Venue. What is Abseiling? Well its where you get equipped with a helmet & harness, walking boots on your feet and lower yourself on a rope down a cliff face like the lady in photo one, straight legs, straight body and with your feet flat on the rock surface at all times. Here, the person is practicing on the short abseil at Cathedral - it's only 30 feet high, but it's a good place to start!



location-abseiling-cathedral-quarry-long-abseil.jpgAfter you've found your Abseiling feet on the short abseil, we'll pack the equipment and climb up around the side of the gaping hole that is Cathedral Cavern to do the big abseil. This one's a bit higher - right from the top of the hill into which the quarry has been cut and yes - it looks a long way down. This abseil is, in fact, 3 times as high - almost 100 feet. However, with the confidence you'll have gained, you'll find yourself going down this face before you know it. You will find the last 20 feet interesting as it is free hanging.

Where do we meet for our Abseiling Session at Cathedral Quarry? Answer - You'll meet your instructor at the rear of the Skelwith Bridge Hotel on the B5343. The postcode is LA22 9NJ for Satnav purposes.


Frequently asked questions.

  • What equipment is provided as part of a Abseiling session? Answer - as part of your fee per person, you get a helmet & harness and we "can" - if you don't have them, provide you with a pair of walking boots. 
  • What do I need to bring?Answer - you each need to bring warm clothing and a full set of waterproofs (or at least a waterproof jacket) just is case the weather is chilly or damp. Also bring a pair of walking boots; or, if you are going to need a pair of our boots - then bring either two pairs of long shoe socks or a pair of thick walking socks to wear in them.
  • How long does a half day Abseiling session last? Answer - up to four hours but it depend on your group size and how well people manage the abseiling.
  • Are there any discounts on your price? Answer - yes. Our price per person for a minimum group size of two is £45.00, bring more than six persons and the price falls by a further £5, bring more than eleven persons and the price falls by a further £5 to our minimum price per person of £35.00. Children under 16 also receive a discount. Please contact us to enquire.
  • We've booked & paid, but the weather's too cold, wet or windy for our session to run. What happens to our payment? Answer - If we are unable to run your session due to the conditions, then you can either reschedule to another time; or, receive a full refund of your payment.
  • I've never been abseiling before. I'm excited but scared at the same time. Will I be able to do it? Answer - don't worry, you'll be well looked after in expert hands and you don't have to do anything you don't want to! Abseiling is meant to appear scary, but we run sessions with qualified and experienced instructors who are there to ensure that your session is 100% safe.

Don't forget - you can book another half day activity such as Rock Climbing or Ghyll Scrambling in conjunction with an Abseiling Session to make a great adventurous activity day in The Lake District!

To book your Abseiling Session, contact us here, now!

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