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Lakes Outdoor Experience cover locations across the UK, including North Wales, Scotland and The Lake District to mention but a few. We also offer guided scrambling and traverses on The Cuillin Ridge on The Isle of Skye.

Raven Crag

Raven Crag, Langdale

Raven crag in Great Langdale is one of The Lake District's best known multi-pitch rock climbing venues, with a range of routes from Diff to extremely Severe and a great place to introduce aspiring climbers to the art of Outdoor Trad Climbing.

trad-climbing-middlefell-buttress-1.jpgAt Raven Crag, there are a number of routes offering the opportunity to enjoy climbing on real rock whilst either being guided by us or whilst learning the skills to climb multi-pitch routes yourself.

Middlefell Buttress is an excellent low grade 3 - 4 pitch route on which to learn multi-pitch trad climbing techniques.

Polish up your belaying skills, learn the techniques of anchor placements and make the right judgement calls to get that "Bomber" 10/10 anchor placement every time for both use with running belays and at stances! The route can either  have an additional pitch added to it above the main buttress or we can abseil down and go off to get another climbing route in on Raven Crag such as Evening Wall, Holly Tree Traverse, Savernake, Bilberry Buttres, Revelation or Centipede to name a few.

trad-climbing-middlefell-buttress-2.jpgAt Raven Crag, you'll get to practice with a range of anchors on one of our Trad Learning to Lead Rock Climbing Courses - nuts, torque nuts/Hexcentrics or camming devices and you'll learn which device to use in the right situation whilst expertly coached by one of our Climbing Instructors.

trad-climbing-revelation-stance-management.jpgYou'll also learn the art of Stance Management - what to do at the top of that pitch; selecting two anchor points and equalising them to create a central attachment point using the rope if you are swinging alternative leads with your climbing partner, or using slings if you are leading every pitch to allow for an easy "escape from the system" as you head on upwards.

trad-climbing-middlefell-buttress-guided-climbing.jpgWhether or not you choose to be guided on a multi-pitch climb at Raven Crag, or choose to learn to lead yourself, you will also improve your technique of movement on rock and you'll feel the exhilaration of the exposure you find in these situations, whilst remaining safe at all times.

Amongst other techniques, you'll also learn how to use a belay plate both as a lead climber and as a second; and learn how to strip down anchors at stances and remove running belays. You'll also spend the day learning those all important climbing calls - "Safe", "Off belay" "That's me!" and "Climb when ready" and what each call means you should do next to remain safe whilst climbing.

You can also learn - if you wish, double rope technique; as well as using a single rope for climbing. Double rope technique gets used on progressively harder climbs where there may be a lot of "weaving about" on a crag. Double rope techniqe also allows you to abseil twice as far as a single rope when undertaking an abseil retreat!

trad-climbing-abseil-middlefell-buttress.jpgSo, as well as climbing up, we will also show you how to retreat downwards from a climb if, for any reason, you need to get off the crag. You'll learn how to make yourselves safe at a stance before you untie from the rope and you'll prepare for an abseil retreat in a fashion which allows you to retrieve your rope afterwards.

Sometimes in this situation, it is necessary to leave climbing equipment behind in order to safely retreat from a climb, but we will show you how to do this whilst leaving a minimum of your expensive climbing equipment behind.

Book a Rock Climbing Day with Lakes Outdoor Experience and learn how to become a competent leader or competent second on rock. Book a second day to consolidate what you have learnt on day one and climb at least two more multi-pitch rock climbs whilst consolidating your existing rock climbing skills - this is highly recommended!

Frequently asked questions about our Trad Climbing Courses.

  • Where do we meet for Rock Climbing at Raven Crag? Answer The meeting point for rock climbing at Raven Crag is the National Trust Car Park adjacent to the Old Dungeon Ghyll HotelThe postcode for Satnav purposes is LA22 9JY.                                                                                                                                                                            
  • What equipment is provided as part of a Guided Climbing/Learning to lead Trad Climbing Course? Answer - as part of your fee per person, you are provided with a helmet & harness and the provision of climbing ropes and all other equipment required to facilitate you day other than rock shoes which we expect you will already have if transitioning from indoor to outdoor climbing.
  • What do I need to bring? Answer – we suggest you bring plenty of warm clothing and waterproofs – just in case it’s a little chilly or damp. Also, bring lunch and a drink to keep you “topped up” during your Rock Climbing Day - and, of course, don't forget your rock shoes.
  • How long does a Guided Rock Climbing/Learning to lead Trad Climbing day last? Answer - all day! We'll meet you at 9am and be done by approximately 5pm.
  • Are there any discounts on your price? Answer - yes, but only on Learning to lead Trad Climbing Courses. Our minimum price is £200.00 per day for guided Climbing Courses and that is for a maximum of two persons per climbing instructor. For Learning to lead Trad Climbing Courses our instructors will work with a maximum of three persons and on that basis the fee is £270.00 or £90.00 each. Please note - these fees reflect the serious nature of multi-pitch rock climbing, the provision of expensive rock climbing equipment; and the highly skilled and experienced professionals who are engaged to look after you on such days out.
  • We've booked & paid, but the weather's too cold or wet for our Rock Climbing Day to run. What happens to our payment? Answer - If we are unable to run your session due to the conditions, then you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule to another date of your choice.

Contact us to book your Guided Rock Climbing Day or Learning to Lead Trad Climbing Course here, today!


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