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Lakes Outdoor Experience cover locations across the UK, including North Wales, Scotland and The Lake District to mention but a few. We also offer guided scrambling and traverses on The Cuillin Ridge on The Isle of Skye.

Bowderstone Quarry, Borrowdale, Keswick. Northern Lake District.

abseiling-bowderstone-quarry-lake-district.jpgAbseiling is an activity that can be categorized as an "Adrenalin Sport" - a bit like Bungee Jumping, Bridge Swinging or Sky-Diving.

Although less extreme and certainly cheaper than all of those pursuits, it is certainly an activity where you'll feel a considerable amount of apprehension. Well, you are about to go backwards over the edge of a cliff - so no wonder!!

location-hodge-close-slab-tandem-abseil.jpgWith Lakes Outdoor Experience, you're in safe hands wherever you choose to go abseiling. We have many years of experience of providing this activity and will patiently encourage you to give it a try. All you need to do is lean back over the edge in your harness, keep those legs straight and keep your feet flat against the wall. Before you know it, your feet will be back on the floor.

We know that probably this all sounds "easier said than done", but having done it once, the second go will be easier - it really will!

You can have confidece in the knowledge that all of our safety systems are regularly checked and inspected. As well as being attached to an Abseil rope, you'll also be attached to a safety rope - paid out by your instructor - it's there to ensue that if you let go of the abseiling rope, they won't let go of you!

abseiling-climbing-instructor.jpgAbseiling can be run by us for you in almost any area of the Lake District. We know all of the abseiling venues that are suitable and if you happen to be staying near to Keswick, then The Bowderestone Abseiling Venue is only 15 minutes drive from town and there is parking only 100 metres away from the site - what could be more convenient.

Try Abseiling with us - it should be on everyone's "Bucket List". True - it might be a scary prospect, but with Lakes Outdoor Experience, you'll be looked after by some of the best hands in the business!

Frequently asked questions.

  • Where do we meet for Abseiling Sessions at Bowderstone Quarry? Answer. At the Bowderstone Car Park CA12 5XA for (Satnav purposes) This car park is on the left of the B5289 Borrowdale Road about half a mile beyond Grange village as you head towards Rosthwaite. The distance by car from Keswick is 4.75 miles and should take only around 15 minutes driving from town. Once there you will be met by your abseiling instructor who will kit you up rready to go abseiling.
  • What equipment is provided as part of an Introductory Abseiling session? Answer - as part of your fee per person, you are provided with a helmet & harness, so that you can get kitted up like the people in these photos! We can also provide walking boots if you do not have your own - these are essential for abseiling.  We also provide all of the ropes and other equipment for your Abseiling session.
  • What do I need to bring? Answer – we suggest you bring plenty of warm clothing and waterproofs – just in case it’s a little cold or damp. Also, bring some snacks and a drink to keep you “topped up” during your Abseiling session.
  • How long does a half day Introductory Abseiling session last? Answer - up to four hours.
  • Are there any discounts on your price? Answer - yes. Our price per person for a minimum group size of two is £60.00, bring three persons or more and the price drops to £45.00 each. Bring six persons and the price falls to £40.00 each, bring more than twelve persons and the price falls by a further £5 to our minimum price per person of £35.00 each. Children under 16 also receive a discount. Please contact us to enquire.
  • We've booked & paid, but the weather's too cold or wet for our session to run. What happens to our payment? Answer - If we are unable to run your session due to the conditions, then you can either reschedule to another time; or, receive a full refund of your payment.
  • I've never been Abseiling before. I'm excited but scared at the same time. Will I be able to do it? Answer - don't worry, you'll be well looked after in expert hands and you will receive plenty of encourangement and support!

Why not combine a half day of abseiling with some Introductory Rock Climbing at nearby Shepherd's Crag or some exhilarating Ghyll Scambling at Hause Gill or Stoneycroft Gill to make a full day of fantastic outdoor activities in the Borrowdale/Keswick area? You won't be disappointed!

To book your Abseiling Session at the Bowderstone Abseil venue - contact us here, now.

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Iain GallagherLakes Outdoor Experience is run by Iain Gallagher. Iain was born and brought up in The Lake District by parents who were very keen on the outdoors.

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