Self Isolation - We've been doing it with our clients for years!

Posted on 19 March, 2020

kayaking-ullswater-goldrill-beck.jpgCurrently, we are all going through a difficult time here in the UK. Corona-virus is making big headlines and we are all being told to stay away from each other in order that the virus does not spread.

For many people, that means staying indoors, avoiding the crowds, but currently, unless the UK Government imposes travel restrictions and puts the country into "Lockdown" then you can escape to the countryside and enjoy the beauty of nature, get some fresh air and exercise - what better way to avoid or at least reduce your risk of contracting Corona-Virus!

How can Lakes Outdoor Experience help?  Well, you could say that we've been "self isolating" for years. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke outdoor adventures for people here in The Lake District; for less than you might expect - and we regularly provide adventures for as little as one or two persons with all specialist PPE and equipment included in the fee! If you want to "isolate" yourself from everyone else and have a great experience in a healthy & refreshing environment - then speak to us!

location-wren-gill-ghyll-scrambling-gorge-walking-waterfall-climb-canyoning-descent.jpgAlmost every activity or skills Training Course that we offer can be done individually or as a small group and we frequently work this way. We will never ask you to join into a larger group so that we can make a packet" on the day. Every booking is treated individually so when you arrive to do an Outdoor Activity or Skills Training Course - it will just be you, with us; and no-one else whom you might not know; or may have never met before! Our working in this manner will undoubtedly cut down your chances of contracting Corona-Virus and you can still get out and have fun!

Examples of activities you can do with Lakes Outdoor Experience on your own, or as part of a pair or your own family group are as follows.

Ghyll Scrambling, Gorge Walking, Canyoning, The Esk Gorge, Hill-Walking, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Canoeing on the area's lakes & rivers, Kayaking on the area's lakes & rivers, Wild Camping in the mountains, Caving in The Yorkshire Dales, learning to read a map and use a compass in the mountains - these are all examples of activities you can do which involve isolating yourself from others and away from large groups of people in a healthy outdoor environment where the risk of contracting Corona-Virus is negligable!


 location-introductory-rock-climbing-lower-scout-crag-great-langdale-lake-district.jpgSo during this difficult time, Lakes Outdoor Experience is still open for business are as all of the venues that we use and we are looking forward to welcoming our customers who have already booked for the Easter Holidays; and throughout the 2020 Summer Season to the area.

So give us a call to book your Outdoor Activity Session or Skills Training Course, we'll be happy to discuss any concerns you might have surrounding going in to the outdoors with regards to Corona-Virus, but you can guarantee that you will be unlikely to come in to contact with infected people in our outdoor playground.

Check out our great range of Outdoor Activities and our Skills Training Courses and contact us to make your booking. Don't stay indoors - get out and about in the great outdoors, be inspired and let us help you stay healthy and upbeat though these difficult times.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Iain Gallagher 

  • Ghyll Scrambling
  • Canoeing
  • Guided Hill Walking
  • Caving & Potholing
  • Canyoning
  • Abseiling

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