Two Day Navigation Skills Training Weekend Courses in The Lake District - for only £80.00 per person!

Posted on 3 March, 2019

navigation-skills-training-weekend.jpgAre you keen to get out in the mountains more this year? Perhaps you are taking your steps into the great outdoors for the first time and are unsure about how to find your way around in the mountains. Maybe, you've previously attended a course some time ago and think your skills are a little "rusty" or perhaps you've got a Mountain Walking Leader Assessment coming up and just want to refresh your map reading skills in preparation. You may have even had an experience where you got lost and finished up having a longer day out than initially planned. You'd like to avoid repeating that experience and now that it's officially Spring, you'd really like to get out and learn those essential map & compass skills - but who should you do a training course with; and where?


mountain-courses-training.jpgHere at Lakes Outdoor Experience - we have the answer. Our tried, tested & proven Navigation Skills Training Weekends will get you confident with your Map Reading & Navigation Skills ability.

Our two day courses run in The Lake District during the last weekend of each month from March to May and again from September to December. See our 2019 Navigation Skills Training Weekend dates here and contact us now to get booked on! The first course is running on March 30th & 31st!


navigation-skills-training-weekend-kentmere-pike.jpgMaps are provided as part of our Navigation Skills Training Weekends and you can hire Silva Type 4 Expedition Compasses  from us for just £5.00 per day but we do encourage people to turn up with their own compass. If you do want to use your own compass - great! but it must be a Silva Type 4 Expedition Compass for you to get the best from the course - we cannot advocate this strenously enough, yet people still ignore our advice!

With regards to Navigation Skills Training, we go "right back to basics" to make sure everyone is starting from the same solid foundation; and we'll then go on throughout the day to build up your skill set and your confidence. On day one we'll achieve this on a relatively low level area of moorland in the Kentmere area north of Staveley and on day two, we'll travel a little bit further north and a bit higher on to part of the famous Kentmere Horseshoe where we'll consolidate the learning from day one and give you some additional more advanced techniques to bring your understanding of Navigation Skills up to a high standard. You may even get to navigate on a bearing in thick cloud and "bag" the two "Wainwright Summits" Shipman Knotts and Kentmere Pike!

One thing  is for certain - you'll have a great time and you'll learn a whole load of new skills when attending a Navigation Weekend in The Lake District with us. Great fun and exceptional value for money - what more could you possibly want!

To book your place on our first Navigation Skills Training Weekend (March 30th & 31st 2019) please contact us here and for more information about what the course will entail please read this. You can read about the last Navigation Skills Training Weekend we ran in The Lake District here and here.

We look forward to working with you! and remember, it could quite possibly be the best £80.00 you've ever spent!



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