Working in The Yorkshire Dales with The Princes Trust. February 19th - 22nd 2019.

Posted on 28 February, 2019

pt-feb-2019-residentials-ripley-castle-ropes-course-jacobs-ladder-wk2.jpgLast week, Iain was again in The Yorkshire Dales supporting a second Prince's Trust Residential, this time with the Leeds Team.

Day one found us in the afternoon at Ripley Castle where the group tried various "low ropes challenges" before we moved on to the Jacob's Ladder which is one of the high challenges. Here, the group can be seen belaying three of their team (out of sight in this photo) who are attempting the Jacob's Ladder.


pt-feb-2019-residential-brimham-rocks-wk2.jpgThe following day would see us head to Brimham Rocks in the morning, where we did the usual rock scambling challenge set by Iain consisting of climbing up, down, over and through the maze of gritstone boulders and outcrops to be found at this place.

The task was made all the more interesting due the inclusion of a person with very limited sight who neverless, was very keen to try everything that the rest of the group did and their support for her achieving this objective was truly awesome! Well done gang.


pt-feb-2019-residential-nidderdale-manchester-hole-caving-wk2.jpgAfter a morning at Brimham Rocks, we returned to Ripley Castle where the group spent some time making canoe rafts and playing games before we headed back to our bunkhouse for a second night.

Next morning, we headed over to Nidderdale to go underground in Manchester Hole. We split into three teams; and Iain took the "keen group" all the way to the sump at the downstream limit of exploration in this system which was a great achievement for some of the group who were "keen to explore yet somewhat scared at the same time". Once again, with support from other team members and encouragement, great things were achieved.


pt-feb-2019-residential-malham-gordale-scar-wk2.jpgFor an easy "finale", we set off rather late that afternoon for a visit to Malham Cove - one of Yorkshire's best known tourist attractions famous for its Limestone scenery.

Here, we visited the pretty little waterfall of Janet's Foss before walking up into Goredale Scar to visit the waterfalls there whilst enjoying the sunset on a most unusual; yet summer-like day for the time of year.

The evening would see the group tidy up their accommodation and pack ready for their return to Leeds the next day and that was the end of a second successful Prince's Trust Residential for Iain.

For anyone who fancies trying any of the activities reported on in this blog post - caving, rock climbing & scrambling or canoeing - we do provide them here in The Lake District and they all make great family activities. So, if you are looking for an outdoor adventure this coming weekend - then give us a call. We look forward to working with you!


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