Caving in The Yorkshire Dales. Ribblehead February 9th 2019.

Posted on 9 February, 2019

caving-ribblehead-thistle-runscar-caves.jpgOn Saturday, Iain met James & Lizzie who had driven up from Lytham St Annes to join us for a full day of caving underground in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The previous night had been extremely wet, so going underground was going to be interesting. However, by the time we arrived at Ribblehead - one of the area's best known caving venues, water levels were dropping.

The first photo sees Lizzie & James kitted up and ready to go underground in the caves in the moorland beyond. Ribblehead Viaduct - a famous landmark, can just be seen in the left hand side of this photo.


caving-ribblehead-thistle-cave.jpgWe left the road and walked over half a mile of moorland in a strong & cold southerly wind to get underground where we found water levels lower than anticipated.

In this photo, Lizzie enjoys trying a short and easy crawl in Thistle Cave which is a great place to take people who have never been caving before. There is lots of features to see underground in here - fossils, Stalactites, passageways of varying sizes to crawl through; and of course, the stream responsible for the cave's existence in the first place.



caving-ribblehead-runscar-cave.jpgThe final photo from this post about a caving session in The Yorkshire Dales sees James & Lizzie as we prepared to exit from our second cave - Runscar Cave, at the end of the couple's morning underground. 

We had visited two sections of Thistle Cave and then cut across the moor to go downstream through two sections of nearby Runscar Cave which carries a considerably larger stream. The pair found making their way through the cave in this stream quite an exciting challenge.

Once out of Runscar Cave, we made our way quickly over the moor back to the van for lunch; and it was decided to call it a day underground. The pair had thoroughly enjoyed what they had done, but with the conditions as they were, non of us were keen to head back underground again - it was definitely the right decision to make today.

Caving sessions with us cost just £45.00 per person for a half day (four hour) session or just £160.00 for two people for a full day underground. All of the equipment you see the pair wearing is provided as part of your fee!

Caving is great fun so contact us here to book your great underground adventure. You can view more photos from James & Lizzie's caving experience with us here.

We look forward to working with you.

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