Working in The Yorkshire Dales with The Princes Trust. February 12th - 15th 2019

Posted on 16 February, 2019

pt-feb-2019-residential-brimham-rocks.jpgLast week, Iain spent three days over in The Yorkshire Dales assisting with one of a number of Prince's Trust residentials taking place in the area.

The Prince's Trust was set up to help to empower, inspire and motivate young people under the age of 25 to engage with employers to find work.

The residental takes place away from home and the whole group have to work and live together and try challenging activities. We started off on Tuesday afternoon with a visit to Brimham Rocks where the whole team tried out Rock scrambling (photo above).

pt-feb-2019-residential-malham-janets-foss.jpgOn day two, we drove to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and completed a circuit from Malham to Janet's Foss (photo), onwards to; and for some people - up! the waterfall at Gordale Scar before heading across the top of Malham Cove and back to the village. We covered almost 5 miles/8km and climbed up 942 feet/287m. Bearing in mind some of these young people had never been out of Doncaster before this - was a real achievement!


pt-feb-2019-residential-nidderdale-manchester-hole-caving.jpgOn the team's last day together with us, we did two different activities in two different locations. The first involved getting kitted out in Caving suits and going underground in the muddy, wet streamway that is Manchester Hole in Nidderdale.

Now; asking anyone who has not caved before to climb down a narrow passageway can be a "big ask" particularly if peope have a fear of enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia) and we did have some people like that in this group; plus some that were physically not very able.

However, with our support and through supporting each other, all of the team made it underground together. We'd like to think that they all enjoyed their caving experience - if not, then everyone put on a good act of looking happy in photo three. It was a brilliant achievement anyway!





pt-feb-2019-residentials-ripley-castle-ropes-course-crate-stack.jpgThe achieving continued into the afternoon as well with some great inter-team support which encouraged everyone to have a go at challenges at the Ripley Castle Ropes Course.

We did some low ropes challenges first (just off the ground) before moving on to bigger and higher stuff such as the Crate Stack Challenge seen here in photo four.

The pair atop this stack look pleased; and justifiably so! Not only had they run out of crates to stack, but they had also built a stack 24 crates high! Like all of the challenges and activities that are provided for Prince's Trust groups - they have to be 100% safe yet give that impression of being difficult; or scary depending on what's going on in your head. Ultimately, they are designed to make members within the group realise that anything is possible if you persevere and work hard; and work with others to achieve an objective!

Hopefully, members of the Prince's Trust Doncaster Team will take away all they have learned about their abilities this week; and apply it to the remainder of their course and well into their respective futures. We wish them all the very best of luck.

We will be putting up another report about the next PT Residential course in The Yorkshire Dales (starting tomorrow) next weekend. And don't forget - if you like the look of any of the Outdoor Activities you see mentioned here - then give us a call cos we do them here in The Lake District too!

We look forward to working with you.

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