New Year Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District. December 30th 2018.

Posted on 8 January, 2019

ghyll-scrambling-in-stickle-ghyll.jpgOur legendary Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District are something that everyone should put on their "Bucket List".

You get dressed up in a wetsuit with a fleece top and a cagoule, get thick socks on your feet and a pair of proper walking boots and then wade into a mountain stream - walking & scrambling upstream, wading and swimming through pools and climbing up waterfalls. It is definitely one of the most exhilarating and refreshing outdoor activity sessions we offer, but it is usually done in the warmer months (April to October) for what might be obvious reasons!

It was something of a surprise, therefore, when Nicola Drake enquired if we could run a Ghyll Scrambling Session for herself and her family on December 30th, but the weather was so mild at the time (10 - 11.5 degrees celsius) that Iain thought it would be possible to run an enjoyable session; and he was right.




ghyll-scrambling-in-stickle-ghyll-upper-waterfall.jpgWe met on Sunday afternoon at 1pm and got kitted up before heading into Stickle Ghyll. It was great to have this extremely popular Ghyll Scrambling (also known as Gorge Walking) venue to ourselves.

We made our way upstream to the first waterfall (in photo one) and climbed this before heading on upstream with Iain suggesting that no-one should get wet above the tops of their legs. However, as you'll see if you check out the photos on our Facebook page, young tom wasted no time in getting wetter!

Photo two sees Pete, Tom & Nic several hours later as we approached the main fall in the upper gorge of Stickle Ghyll. The three had enjoyed a great Ghyll Scrambling Session and had gotten pretty damp. We climbed this final fall and then dashed off back to the car park to get changed and dry before Iain offered the three a complimentary hot drink "Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate folks?" Well, you can guess what they all went for - can't you!

Our Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District are a great fun, family activity session. Prices start at £45 for adults and less for under 16's for a four hour sessions of wet, exhilarating fun. Our minimum group size is two persons. Spring will soon come around so, if you are thinking of visiting The Lake District for the Easter Holiday, then you should contact us and book a half day of Ghyll Scrambling.

Try it - we know you'll just love it!


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