Winter activities for the LOE Staff throughout January and into February 2019.

Posted on 5 February, 2019

winter-walking-grasmoor.jpgWinter finally put in an appearance here in The Lake District on January 16th when a cold snap of weather put down a layer of fresh snow on The Lake District Fells about about 550 metres, so the next day off we went up Coledale to Coledale Hause with our mate and associate Hayley Webb and her daft but lovable Springer Spaniel Loki. This photo sees us approaching the summit of Grasmoor.

You can read more about this great winter walking day out in The Lake District here.

winter-walking-broad-cairn.jpgThe following Monday, we set off to the southern Cairngorms to join past client & friend Chris Upton for some "Munro bagging". This photo sees Chris & Kirstin at the summit of Broad Cairn (998m) after a long walk in. We climbed two other peaks with Chris - Ben Vrackie above Pitlochry and also Dreish above Glen Clova during our stay.

You can read more about our visit to the south east Cairngorms herehere & here.


winter-walking-helvellyn-red-tarn.jpgAfter returning to The Lake District during which the weather warmed up to a ridiculous 10.5 degrees C with torrential rain, the temperature again fell well into minus figures and after more snow, we headed into the mountains again - this time into the Helvellyn where we had two great days of winter walking & mountaineering. This photo is one from our great day on Helvellyn & it's edges - you can read more about these two fantastic Winter days herehere.


winter-walking-far-easedale.jpgUnfortunately, within a few days of our fantastic days out on Helvellyn, the warmer weather and low pressure systems have again swung in from the west and Sunday saw us experience a dramatic thaw and more heavy rain. Yesterday, we wet out to see what remained of The Lake District snow. This photo is taken from above Far Easedale and as you can see, a lot of the snow has disappeared - into the streams and becks which we quite full.

You can see more photos from yesterday's walk into soggy Lake District mountains here. Today it has rained once more and we can only hope that winter conditions return soon as we've got courses to run!

Conditions are better north of the border so if you are looking for a winter skills course or fancy trying winter mountaineering or winter climbing in some of Scotlands best locations then do contact us now.


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